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best workout for weight loss and toning

Best Workout for Weight Loss and Toning

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Losing weight is a goal many of us have, but most of us give up because it can be so difficult, and it often takes so long to see any results that it doesn’t feel worth all the effort. However, if you do the right exercises and stick to a routine, you will soon find yourself not only losing weight but toning your body and feeling great as well.

Is There a Difference Between Toning and Losing Weight?

Toning your body and losing weight are not the same things. Losing weight is accomplished by eating healthier and burning more calories than you take in.

Making a change in diet can also help with weight loss. However, to tone your body, you need to do resistance training, and if you combine the two, you will have a better-looking body at the end of the day.

Best Workouts for Losing Weight

The best idea for weight loss is an intense routine that includes short periods of rest. Consider doing the following and allowing 30 seconds of rest between them:


A much-hated but great way to lose weight is to do burpees. It’s a full-body workout. Start by standing and then moving into a squat position with your hands on the floor. Kick your feet into a plank position and keep your arms extended and then immediately return your feet to the squat position. Stand up. Do this as fast as you can manage.

Squat Jumps

Bend as if doing a normal squat (sitting on an invisible chair) and then burst into the air with a jump movement. It’s easy and very effective for burning calories.

Best Workouts for Toning Your Body

To tone your body, consider doing push-ups, bench dips, and planks. These are great for giving your body form and helping you look better as you lose weight. You should follow a routine that suits your level of fitness and adjust it as you go along.

Start by doing as many as your body can handle and add more every session. You should vary exercises by doing cardio one day and toning exercises the next. Follow a 6-day regime and then give your body a full day of rest. If you don’t rest, you risk injury and burn-out — no exercise routine should skip resting.

yoga for weight loss

Best Yoga Poses for Toning and Losing Weight

Yoga is another great way to get your body into its best weight. There are many poses that focus on burning calories and toning your muscles. If you’re going to do yoga, you’ll need a good-quality mat so you’ll get the most out of your routine. This thick yoga mat from BalanceFrom is a great choice and comes in many different colors.


One of the best yoga poses to tone your body is the bow pose. It is pretty simple, but surprisingly effective. Start by lying on your stomach and having your arms relaxed next to your body with the palms facing up and your legs straight behind you. Place your forehead on the mat and then bend your knees and bring your heels towards your behind.

Take hold of your ankles with your hands and flex your feet. Keep your knees about hip-distance apart, and don’t let them bow apart. Lift your upper body and form a ‘bow.’ Let your heels lift higher away from your behind and pull your shoulders away from your face.

best workout for weight loss and toning

Make sure that your chin is in line with the floor and look straight ahead to prevent hurting your neck. Take deep breaths and keep this position for about 30 seconds. Release your legs gently as you exhale and rest your arms next to your body.

To make sure you don’t slip and fall, you might have to invest in some good nonslip socks. Try these socks from Great Soles; they’re not only good looking but will help you to move on slippery surfaces with no issues.

Weight Loss

A yoga pose that is great for calorie burning and weight loss is the triangle pose. Begin in a standing position with your feet far apart and your arms stretching out to your sides, so you look like a star shape. Then turn your right toes to the right, and your left toes a little inwards.

Take a breath in and press your left hip out to your left and let your arms slide to the right, so they are parallel to the ground. Exhale and then rotate only your arms and lift your left arm up and rest your right hand against your right leg.

Be sure to press into your feet and then bring your arms into a line with your shoulders above each other. Press your left hip forward and your right hip back. Hold the pose for about 30 seconds and release by inhaling and reaching your raised hand up as you press down on your feet and come back to your starting position.

Repeat on the opposite side. This may sound complicated, but once you’ve done it a couple of times, you’ll find it much easier to do and enjoy it more.

Starting out with a yoga block is the best way to start with the triangle pose. Try these cork yoga blocks from JBM which are eco friendly and are slip and odor resistant.

Diet Tip

Get rid of junk food and add fresh fruit and vegetables to your daily diet. Cut out as much refined sugar as you can and skip on oily, deep-fried foods. Boost your fiber intake, and you’ll feel healthier and lose weight the natural way.


Losing weight and toning your body may not be the same thing, but you can combine the two for better results and greater health. If you follow a routine and stick to it, you will find yourself feeling more energized, more positive, and much lighter.

Of course, everything takes time, and you may have to be patient, but you will lose weight and tone your body if you remain determined and disciplined. Also, follow a proper and healthy diet to give your body a chance to get into its best shape ever.

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