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what yoga poses are good for sciatica

What Yoga Poses are Good for Sciatica?

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Sciatica is not a pleasant experience, and the pain caused by this pinched nerve needs careful and regular treatment for relief. There are quite a few first-line treatments that can be administered but only with careful consideration and support from your doctor.

There are a few natural treatments for the pain, which is a cause of a compressed nerve in the lower spine. Natural treatments may include the application of heat or cold or certain types of yoga, which may bring long-term relief.

We will look at some yoga poses that may help in the treatment of the pain caused by the compressed nerve. This actual discomfort is the symptom sciatica. Let us take a look at the different yoga poses that are good for sciatica. For more in-depth information, take a look at the Yoga Burn Challenge website.

Bharadvaja’s TwistBharadvaja’s Twist

The Bharadvaja twist is a beginner’s yoga pose that can be performed by anyone, no matter your fitness level. This yoga pose is a seated twist that may bring immediate relief. The Bharadvaja twist is an easy-to-execute yoga pose and will not put a strain on the body.

It will target the hips, torso, and spine and is a belly-open twist that is also safe for pregnant women. The Bharadvadja twist will bring relief to the neck and lower back bring relief to sciatica. Be sure to ask your professional instructor about this yoga pose.

bound angle poseBound Angle Pose

The bound angle pose or baddha konasana will improve flexibility in the hips and the inner thigh. This yoga pose may strengthen the back. This is a very relaxing yoga pose that has benefits for a lot of symptoms and organs in the body.

The Bound Angle Pose will especially bring relief to the lower back pain and will soothe the discomfort of sciatica, among other pains. This yoga pose is good for pain relief but should not be performed without the supervision of a professional yoga instructor. Your intention is to find relief, not hurt yourself.

cobra poseCobra Pose

The cobra pose, or Bhujangasana will stretch and strengthen your spine. This yoga pose can help reduce lower back pain and soothe the symptoms of sciatica.  It will also promote flexibility in the hips and circulation.

The cobra pose is one of the most favored yoga poses and may be recommended by your yoga instructor. The lower back will benefit from the cobra pose by removing the tightness in that area. The cobra yoga pose is recommended among people with symptoms of sciatica.

locust pose

The Locust Pose

The Sanskrit name for the locust pose is salabhasana. This yoga pose is very good for healing purposes. The locust pose is an excellent pose for strengthening the core and back muscles. Locust is also good for the tone of other muscle groups in the body. But the best thing is that it can give relief for sciatica pain.

The experts recommend the locust yoga pose for the symptoms of sciatica. The best thing about it is that it stretches the entire front part of the body and that stretching is perfect for the symptoms of sciatica. The locust pose is suitable for many other symptoms as well.

child's poseThe Child’s Pose

The Child’s Pose, also known as the balasana, is a superb way to relax your body and it is also a good method to tune into your well-being. The child’s pose helps you to stretch and lengthens your spine. This method of yoga promotes flexibility in your hips and in the lower back.

In the process, it will soothe the symptoms of sciatica and bring relief for the pain caused by these symptoms to your lower back. As always, the stretching action of the child’s pose yoga will bring positive posture and relief for many other symptoms.

downward facing dogDownward-Facing Dog Pose

The downward-facing dog yoga pose is one of the best poses for the strengthening of the entire body. It will help to promote the correction of imbalances. This strong yoga pose will help to bring your body into alignment.

This yoga pose is a pose where you stand on all fours, and that helps to control your balance and does not put too much strain on the lower back. In the process, this yoga pose helps to strengthen and bring relief for sciatica pain and stiffness in the lower back. This yoga pose is easy to execute and can be used by beginners as well.

eagle pose for sciatica painThe Eagle Pose

The eagle yoga pose can be used for the opening of the joints all over the body. The eagle pose will help stretch the shoulders and the upper back. This yoga pose is very good for pain in the lower back as well as for relief of sciatica.

The eagle pose is often used for therapeutic purposes to ease the pain of sciatica and other pains that occur in the lower back. This pose also helps with concentration and brings calmness and focus while helping in building balance. Women who are in late-term pregnancy should steer clear of this yoga pose.


Before you turn to yoga as an alternative method to overcome the pain of sciatica, it is recommended that you speak to your medical practitioner for professional guidance. These yoga poses are all recommended by expert yoga teachers, and you should always follow expert advice and be sure to always practice these yoga poses under the strict guidance of these professionals.

For expert guidance, consult the Yoga Burn Challenge website. The yoga poses mentioned in this information piece are all good for sciatica and meant for beginner yoga practitioners. Still, it is the best practice to work with these professional instructors to help you in your quest for relief from sciatica pain.

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