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yoga poses for hip pain

Yoga Poses for Hip Pain

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Yoga is a wonderful way to take on various pains and stiffness in the body, and it works for taking care of (or at least giving relief to) hip pain. If you’ve been experiencing hip pain and want ways to help minimize the severity of the pain, yoga stretches may be just what you need.

We will take a look at the best yoga poses for hip pain and how to do them at home. Keep in mind that these poses are in no way a replacement for medical treatment, only a way to make your life more bearable.

If you invest just 15 minutes into a good fitness routine centered around yoga, you might just change your own life for the better, and you can find out more about this at the Yoga Burn Challenge website.

What Causes Hip Pain?

Before we look at how yoga can help you with the pain you’re experiencing, we will briefly look at just what may be the cause of the pain. You should still seek medical attention if you’re in pain for long periods of time, though. This is only an overview, not a diagnosis.

Tendon or Muscle Strain

When activities are repeated, it can put a strain on your muscles and tendons, as well as the ligaments that support your hips. This can lead to inflammation over time, which results in pain that prevents the hips from working properly.

Hip Fractures

As you age, your bones become more brittle and weak, and this means you are more likely to break or fracture your hips in just one fall.


The most common reasons for hip pain, especially in more mature people, are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. These can lead to very painful hip joints, and the pain can gradually worsen. There will also be stiffness in the hip and reduced movement abilities.


Bursae are sacs of liquid found between tissues such as bone, muscles, and tendons. If these sacs get inflamed, you can end up in a lot of pain. The cause of such inflammation is usually repetitive activities or overuse of the hip joint.

Yoga Poses for Hip Pain

Without further ado, let’s check out the yoga poses that are best suited to people who experience hip pain.

happy baby poseThe Happy Baby Pose

As weird as this may sound, the Happy Baby Pose is great for your hips.

To execute, lie down on your back and inhale, bringing your knees to your chest and putting your arms through the insides. Hold your feet on the outside edges with your hands. Keep your head on the floor and tuck your chin into your chest as you press your heels up and pull back with your arms.

Keep your shoulders pressed against the floor and try to have your spine flat on the ground. You should breathe and hold this pose for about 5 seconds, then exhale and release.

low lunge poseThe Low Lunge Pose

This pose is really good for hip muscles and joints.

You will start this one by moving into downward-facing dog. To do that, get on all fours and set your knees below your hips. Then, move your hands out in front of your shoulders and make your legs straight with your behind in the air.

Exhale and move your right foot to your right thumb. You should stack your right knee over your right ankle and then lower the left knee to the ground. As you inhale, reach your arms overhead and upward. Your palms must face each other. Keep this pose for 5 seconds, or as long as you’re comfortable, and then release.

The Fire Hydrant Pose

This pose is really good to increase the range of motion of your hip joints and is great for helping stiffness.

You will start by getting down on all fours and then lifting your left knee off the floor. Then you will make small circles with your left hip, gradually moving to bigger circles. Do this for about half a minute and switch sides. Quite simple, huh?

boat poseThe Boat Pose

With this pose, you will strengthen your hips.

You will have to sit on a mat for this one and place your feet flat on the floor. Sit up nice and straight with your spine ‘elongated’ and then stretch your fingertips forward.

Keep your knees in position and let your feet float off the ground. Bring your legs up to a 90-degree angle. If you find this a little bit tricky, put your hands on the backs of your thighs for support. Keep this pose for about 30 seconds and relax.

reclined cobbler's poseThe Reclined Cobbler’s Pose

This pose, although strangely named, is very good for stretching your hips.

You will lie on your back and place the soles of your feet together. Open your knees to the side and, if you feel that your hips are feeling tight, feel free to place a block under your knees for some added support. You can hold this pose for about 30 seconds and then bring your knees together again. Repeat a few more times.


If you’ve been having pain in your hips, yoga poses really are a good way to help alleviate some of it. It is not supposed to take the place of medical care, but it is a great way to deal with pain at home. If you are not fond of using medication all the time but have painful hip joints, you really can benefit from doing a couple of yoga stretches a few times a week.

You could even do these stretches every day if you feel so inclined. There are many benefits to yoga, as you’ll see on the Yoga Burn Challenge website, and relieving pain is one of them.

As long as you consult your doctor about your pain and the yoga routine you want to follow, you will find yourself benefiting from taking a few minutes a day to get down on your yoga mat and striking some poses. Of course, you can do them without a mat, as well.

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